Founding Members

In May of 2002, twenty business owners came together in the community to form the Women’s Business Forum. We are forever indebted to our FOUNDING MEMBERS for their vision, passion and early support! Our Founding Members include…

Chanin Walsh Milnazik (founder)—Chanin is the Owner of BrownDogDesign

Kimberly Bensing—Kim is the Owner of Heirloom, creator of "conceptual" invitations for events

Pamela A. Carroll—Pam is the Marketing Director at Pearl S. Buck International

Andy Cleff—Andy is the Connector of Dots at

Laura Fitton—Laura is an Inbound Marketing Evangelist at HubSpot

Cassy Forkin—Cass is the founder of Twilight Wish Foundation

Kitty Mace—Kitty is VP of Marketing & Creative Services at Healthy Advice Hospital Division

Kimberly Mann—Kimberly is an Executive Assistant at Quinnova Pharmaceuticals

Jeanne Mantell—Jeanne is a community builder and Past President of the Bucks County Women’s Fund

Cheyenne Mease—Cheyenne is an author, teacher, speaker and healer at Health Heart Soul

Pam Mikula—Pam is Co-Owner of Mikula Web Solutions and Bucks County Alive

Catherine A. Ponist—Cathy is a Certified Public Accountant

Laura Powers—Laura is VP of Marketing at Furia Rubel Communications, Inc.

Gina Rubel, Esq.—Gina is President/CEO of Furia Rubel Communications, Inc.

Helene Rodriguez McConnell, Ed.D.—Helene is the Owner/President of SciMedco, Inc.

Birgitta Sama—Brigitta is a Marketing & Branding Director at SCA Tissue NA

Debi Sarandrea—Debi is a Co-Owner of Harmony Clean

Lynn Sharer—Lynn is the Owner of The Lynn Sharer Group