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Is Your Business Marathon Ready?

Cindy Bergvall will provide answers at the June Monthly Meeting

Cindy Bergvall, Director of Bee, Bergvall & Co. CPA firm will speak at our June meeting on creating financial fitness for your business. Cindy’s approach to accounting is that your business needs a personal trainer. “When your body is healthy you enjoy life more. Running the marathon, hiking the mountain, taking the bike trip—all become realistic possibilities. You are ready to take on challenges. It is the same with your business. A healthy business frees you to take on new initiatives. Just like your diet and exercise plan, building a healthy business is not easy. It requires the same steady discipline. We encourage you to do the hard things because we know you will get results.“

Cindy is a Director with Bee, Bergvall & Co, a CPA firm.  With her fellow directors she oversees 5 offices and 40 team members. In addition to auditing, Cindy works with clients in the nonprofit and for profit sector to advance their goals using financial modeling. Their firm’s focus on fulfilling and challenging work coupled with a balanced work life has enabled us to attract top local talent and build a strong team—of which 75% are women. The success of their firm is the collective ideas, input, and work of our team. They believe this has led to their selection as a finalist for the 2015 Philadelphia SmartCEO CPA & ESQ awards!

 Linda Anderson on

The Art of Prioritizing

5 Easy Steps to Organizing You Life

Did you know the longer something stays on your "To Do" list, the higher the probability that it won't get done?  There are proven ways to organize your life.  Linda Anderson spoke at the May meeting and shared these tips on the Art of Prioritizing.

1. Make time to prioritize!  Ten minutes every morning is all you need.

2. Know how your brain works: Do you like order or due you prefer a creative approach

3. Have tools to Priortize; Apps, paper and pen, planners – get thoughts out of your head.

4. A dump list is not a to do list: cross the stuff off that you do not need done in the near future.

5. Lastly, Linda encourages you to “relate the small stuff to the big picture. What are your priorities and what is important for you to accomplish? What inspires you but also what do you absolutely expect to accomplish?” Whether love, health, wealth or self image prioritizing can help you define and achieve your objectives through organizational skills which will facilitate you in meeting your goals. 

Linda, a former teacher, trainer and director of non-profits is an A trained coach with an extensive background and specialty in working with adults who are ADD/ADHD, Linda also guides, trains and instructs business owners, professionals and students on “getting clear” which is the practice of learning what tasks take precedence and prioritizing them for maximum efficiency in your working and personal life.

Welcome Our New President

Sheila Jacobs

Please join us in welcoming our new president, Sheila Jacobs. Sheila is a Bucks County Certified Financial Planner and Author. She attended Douglass College (Rutgers University) graduating with a degree in Economics.

A former vice-president of Women's Business Forum and Philadelphia's National Association of Women Business Owners, Sheila serves as board president of Educational Solutions Unlimited. She is also founder of the Women Business Forum Mentoring Program, and a board member at UrbanPromise.

Sheila is an avid tennis player, a runner, a wife and mother. She and her husband, Paul, a teacher and coach, live in Upper Makefield with their young sons.

You can contact Sheila at:

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