Best-selling author Michael Carroll to share why leaders are learning to meditate in a hyperactive 21st Century.

Leaders are always trying to grow the business, meet the deadline, close the deal, and finish the project. And the speed and pace can be intense - getting it done faster, better, cheaper and smarter. In our relentless pursuit of ‘success,’ we too often end up managing our lives like projects rather than actually living them.

Bringing his unique experience as a corporate executive and mindfulness meditation teacher to the discussion, Michael Carroll will help attendees understand how to better appreciate and develop our most valued leadership asset: their minds. He is presenting at our free monthly meeting on Wednesday, May 7, 2014, from 8 to 9 a.m. at the James Lorah House in Doylestown. The meeting is free and open to all business owners and aspiring business owners. In a change of format for this meeting only, members will not be doing their 10-second introductions so that the speaker can use the entire hour for the workshop.

Attendees will learn meditation and explore mindfulness principles for developing clarity, wisdom and inspiration when facing life’s daily joys, demands and surprises.

Carroll is the COO of Global Coaching Alliance and the author of Awake at Work (2004), The Mindful Leader (2007) and Fearless at Work (2012) and over his 30-year career has held executive positions with Shearson Lehman/American Express, Simon & Schuster and The Walt Disney Company. Michael presently coaches and consults with such enterprises as Procter & Gamble, Google, AstraZeneca, Starbucks, RED, and National Geographic Expeditions.

He has been studying Tibetan Buddhism since 1976 and is an authorized teacher in Kagyu-Nyingma lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.

President's Message

Networking: What's in it for YOU? 

We all believe networking is important to grow our businesses. But how do you network the right way to get what you need from the organizations you are involved with? Here are just a few tips to help you get the most from your networking:

1) Show up: this is critical, however it's just the beginning!

2) Ask questions. Learn how you can help others, why they are there and who they want to meet.

3) Connect. Introduce people that may be able to help one another.

4) Be generous. Share what you know in a non-promotional way; you will be remembered for your expertise.

5) Get involved and take action! Learn where your expertise can best benefit the organization and its members and become a champion.

6) Persevere. Building your network must be based on trust and relationships - this takes time!

When you become known for showing up, serving others and taking action, you'll become become the "go to" person in your network when someone needs the services you offer.

What can I, and the Women's Business Forum, do to support you? We really want to know, so please share!

Dana Baedke


    Kim Carter Talks about the

    WBF Dress For Success Campaign

The emotion that came up in my chest Wednesday is indescribable. Carrying in the bags and bags and heavy hangars full of clothing was a beautiful thing! Thank you all so very much for making this drive possible, and also a success. I wish you could have been there to see the faces on the staff and volunteers as the “merchandise” kept coming in from my van.

Dress for Success only has three paid staff, but they have tons of volunteers and if you could see their shop you would understand why. Clients walk in the door full of shame and lacking confidence. They feel beaten by life’s sometimes unfortunate events, and have no idea how they’re going to move forward…but they know they need help with finding a job as well as finding themselves.

Armed with career counseling and a volunteer personal shopper…these women walk out of the front door with the perfect interview outfit from head to toe beautifully wrapped up in designer store paper sacks. With broad smiles on their faces, twinkling eyes, shoulders back and head held high, one gets the sense that they’re unstoppable!

I’m looking forward to the next clothes drive…and I hope to be able to share the delivery experience with another from our wonderful group of generous women! Thank you all very much for allowing this to happen under the powerful name of the Womens Business Forum!

Kim Carter


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WBF Members Quoted in

For Women's History Month, asked members of the Womens Business Forum what it means to be a Happening Women in Bucks County.  Click here to see the responses.

We asked and you answered.

 What the WBF Survery Questions Revealed

First, A big Thank You to everyone who responded to our brief survey in September.

Our Committees will be using this information to identify monthly speakers and to develop programs that will help you meet and surpass your business goals. Here’s what you shared:

Your top 3 business concerns:

  1. Finding New Customers  
  2. Marketing
  3. Time Management

 Your top 3 reasons for being involved with the WBF:

  1. Networking
  2. Inspiration & Support
  3. Educational Programs

We also learned that half of our WBF members are solopreneurs, and nearly 25% work with a team of 1 or more employees with the balance working part-time on their business, employed by a company or are in transition.

Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you at our next monthly meeting. WBF's mission is all about educating and inspiring you at every stage of your business from startup to your vision of success!