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Yoon Cannon Seminar

Double Your Business in 2015!

By: Deb Oliver: Yoon Cannon, of Paramount Business Coach, LLC, a businesswoman, entrepreneur and mother of three residing in Buckingham, spoke to the Women’s Business Forum about advanced goal setting for serious entrepreneurs who wish to double their business in 2015.

Yoon believes you should, “begin with the why”.  She states that, “Starting with ‘I want to make this in earnings or this in revenue’ is the wrong approach.  You need to know what you are an expert in and have the ability to convey to your potential clients how you can help them.”  Yoon feels that no matter what your business type there is a pool of clients dying to find you because you can offer change for them and with that change comes success for both of you.

The next step is the what.  What will change for you?  What is driving you?  What is the outcome or goal you are trying to achieve?  Yoon gave an example of wishing to spend more time as a working mother with her children when they were younger.  For her to gain more freedom and fulfillment in both areas of her life she realized she needed to scale back her work to part time in order to create the work/life balance she desired.

Defining who is your type A client is a process best defined by three tier levels.  Again Yoon used an anecdote to delineate this procedure.  She says, “When I was looking into getting a pet I began the search with puppies. I further refined the search by those that didsn’t shed.  This led to several breeds from which I chose Golden Doodles.”  The same method can be used to define and refine your customer base narrowing down the client pool until you have the exact demographic that will support your business.

Finally Yoon spoke about the how as in how people can work with you.  She used a graphic of an inverted cone on point with the largest category being offering something free and working down the choices to the maximum payoff.  She explained how the free offering engages the client and makes them receptive to the subsequent levels of service/product.  And she showed us that you can double your business by doubling the people who take you up on the free offer.  She suggested we develop a capture strategy as a tool to feed the top of the funnel with people we find through our content, cash and our community.

Yoon feels a goal without a plan is a wish.  She thinks that we should learn to differentiate between goals and tactics, systems and goals. She encourages having one big push for the year and remembering that most achievers don’t achieve every goal.  Yoon says, “If you want your life/business to change your mind must change.”

Steve Aukers of Catalytics Performance

Leading with Awareness, Understanding & Compassion

Steven M. Aukers, Ph.d, management consultant, professor and former CRO spoke to the Women’s Business Forum on Wednesday about “leaders who move us and leave fingerprints on our soul”. Steven feels that “soft” skills, such as compassion can be easily overlooked when we are on a path to success.  We need to realize that they are not mutually exclusive but can, in fact drive one another.

Steven spoke of leadership and how we can sometimes misinterpret its attributes. When in a leadership position we often walk in with an agenda as opposed to being open to understanding what the needs and wants of our audience might be.  He feels we need to understand that whatever we put out in terms of compassion, love or understanding to another will be given back to us in kind. Steven stresses that often we are consumed “with our needs, attuned to our own sensations” at the expense of not being open and “aware of the individual, aware of the connection to that person.”  He encouraged us to “take a step back and be aware of the moment and our behavior in that moment, to be aware of how we are reacting to the conversation” and through that awareness adjust ourselves to the situation.

Steven encourages “being present”, being fully engaged in a conversation.  He thinks this is an effective tool for success in business.  Often, he asserts, we are not really listening to others because we are formulating what our response will be as soon as they stop speaking.  In order to change, adjust or develop power we have to be open to the situation and that comes from being present. 

Finally, Steven maintains that a dialogue through inquiry needs to be initiated.  When you are curious about what the other individual is feeling and are open to what their answers will be you “understand where others are and can align yourself to be at the same place at the same time with them.” He references a “cycled experience: we sense something (awareness); we are uncomfortable about the sensation (mobilization); we act.”

Learning, by adapting and adjusting, allows us to change.  In times of change learners are the ones who adapt.

Women's Business Forum Summer Social 2014!

Good Food and a Great Time!

What an amazing group of women.. and men. WBF continues to stand out as a networking group with a unique culture of inspiration and support. Come grow your business with us!


President's Message

Networking: What's in it for YOU? 

We all believe networking is important to grow our businesses. But how do you network the right way to get what you need from the organizations you are involved with? Here are just a few tips to help you get the most from your networking:

1) Show up: this is critical, however it's just the beginning!

2) Ask questions. Learn how you can help others, why they are there and who they want to meet.

3) Connect. Introduce people that may be able to help one another.

4) Be generous. Share what you know in a non-promotional way; you will be remembered for your expertise.

5) Get involved and take action! Learn where your expertise can best benefit the organization and its members and become a champion.

6) Persevere. Building your network must be based on trust and relationships - this takes time!

When you become known for showing up, serving others and taking action, you'll become become the "go to" person in your network when someone needs the services you offer.

What can I, and the Women's Business Forum, do to support you? We really want to know, so please share!

Dana Baedke



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