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Work/Life Balance - Have you got it?

The WBF’s featured speaker this month was Terry Welford of the Welford Group.  Terry spoke about the bane of most small business owners; balancing work with the daily responsibilities of home life. Instead of solely lecturing she opened the floor to group participation and discussion.

Terry emphasized three categories that help with balancing our schedules: Prioritize, Plan and Prime Time.  While a majority of the WBF’s membership raised their hand when asked if they made a to-do-list of tasks very few prioritized that list. It was suggested from the floor that priorities should be put in a bulls’ eye moving from the outer/more important tasks to the inner/less important. Terry gave us an analogy about a beaker that needed to be filled with rocks (things that need to be done first) and sand (things that can wait until later).  If you put in the sand first there is less room for all the rocks. But if you fill the container with the rocks first and let the sand fill in the remaining spaces you can fit/accomplish all your major tasks.

Terry felt that planning your schedule of tasks assures that it will be completed.  She stated “you are more likely to go back to it than if not”. Having a plan for your day will help you meet your goals.  A Time Management Matrix sheet was presented, broken into 4 quadrants labeled: Important and Not Important with sub-categories of Urgent and Not Urgent.  The group was encouraged to spend only 25% of their time in Important/Not Urgent and 10 % in Not Important/Not Urgent leaving the majority of their work hours dealing with Important/Not Important Urgent.

Prime Time was defined as our most productive time of day whether we are early morning or late night types. Whenever our energy is at its highest, Terry said, is the time to schedule our 3-5 most important tasks of the day.  She added, “Usually you will find that they don’t take up the most time.”

Terry began the meeting with a quote, “No one has enough time but everyone has all there is.”  With her sound advice, planning and executing your tasks will lead to a more productive workplace and you.

By: Deb Oliver

Women's Business Forum Summer Social 2014!

Good Food and a Great Time!

What an amazing group of women.. and men. WBF continues to stand out as a networking group with a unique culture of inspiration and support. Come grow your business with us!


President's Message

Networking: What's in it for YOU? 

We all believe networking is important to grow our businesses. But how do you network the right way to get what you need from the organizations you are involved with? Here are just a few tips to help you get the most from your networking:

1) Show up: this is critical, however it's just the beginning!

2) Ask questions. Learn how you can help others, why they are there and who they want to meet.

3) Connect. Introduce people that may be able to help one another.

4) Be generous. Share what you know in a non-promotional way; you will be remembered for your expertise.

5) Get involved and take action! Learn where your expertise can best benefit the organization and its members and become a champion.

6) Persevere. Building your network must be based on trust and relationships - this takes time!

When you become known for showing up, serving others and taking action, you'll become become the "go to" person in your network when someone needs the services you offer.

What can I, and the Women's Business Forum, do to support you? We really want to know, so please share!

Dana Baedke



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