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September Speaker - KellyAnn Schaefer

Are you a Delegation Virgin?

When thinking about delegating, do you sound something like this?:

• I don't have anyone to do.....

• No one can do this quite like me.....

• You just don't understand...

• It's going to take me forever to show someone else what to do...

• I like things perfect...

• I tried that before and it didn't go very well...

• I don't know where to even start...

Kellyanne Schaefer can help. Her focus is teaching her clients the 'How To's' of delegating. "Learning how to delegate is like exercising!! When you first start out, you might be sore afterwards, but the more you do it the stronger you become! And man ohhh man... it feels so good to see how your life transforms."

Kelly will discuss a very simple way to literally "highlight" the areas and tasks in your life that you can focus on getting support for. That support can come in the form of family, spouse, co-workers, professionals or of course a personal concierge... But the key is to first just sit back and assess where you're spending your time and how you can let go of some of the things to allow more space for the more important stuff!

The Art of Good Advertorial Copy

By Deb Oliver: Gayle Crist, of Crist Editorial Services, spoke to the WBF on Wednesday August 5th. Crist, who has worn many hats including: promotional writer, editor, marketing/PR copywriter, speech and script writer, informed the group about the use of advertorials to attract new clients to their businesses. Gayle defines an advertorial as, “a persuasive, entertaining, informative way to tell compelling stories” while easily blending them with a sales message. She views it as advertising and editorials all in one for a soft sell. Gayle spoke about keys to writing effective copy.

  1. Know the publication's readership demographic
  2. Study the headline style of the publication
  3. Write attention getting headlines.
  4. Wrap your story around your sales message.
  5. Be subtle about mentioning your service - 90% is the story and 10% is  your sales message.


What's Hot?

WBF is Partnering With Micro-lender Finanta

President's Message

It’s been an amazing 2015 for Women’s Business Forum (WBF) and the year’s not over yet.  Women’s Business Forum continues to offer educational and inspirational monthly programs. They’ve had record attendance at this year’s socials. There’s a new website on the way—and they’ve entered into a strategic partnership with the fifth largest micro lender in the country—Finanta. 

The partnership with Finanta will allow WBF to expand on current programming. In addition to monthly programs, WBF will partner with non-profits and volunteers throughout the county to offer technical assistance. They will create affinity groups to offer emerging entrepreneurs support and accountability. And, for the first time, through their partnership with Finanta, Women’s Business Forum will also be able to offer business financing to women entrepreneurs—providing holistic support as its members evolve into successful business owners.

Finanta is a non-profit 501(c)(3) community lender that promotes the growth and economic expansion of diverse communities through the infusion of capital and the provision of business consultation services.

WBF President Sheila Jacobs said “We’re thrilled, this is an amazing opportunity. This partnership will change lives. By partnering with Finanta and other non-profits, we’ll support our members in a much more comprehensive way. Our mission is to educate, mentor and inspire women to build and sustain viable businesses. When you combine our mission with a comprehensive system of support and a lower barrier to entry for business financing amazing things will happen!”

Bring your lunch and come meet our new partners on September 23 at 12 noon at Thompson Toyota to learn how an affinity program can help your business grow.  We look forward to seeing everyone there.