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August Speaker - Gayle Crist

Writing Captivating Advertorials

Gayle Crist, owner of Crist Editorial Services, will share with us 20 tips for writing advertorial articles that sell your product or service by telling a captivating story. You’ll learn how to structure this combination of an ad and an editorial so that’s it’s both compelling and informational –crafted to grab and keep readers’ interest so you can turn them into new customers for your business.

  •  The best advertorials are persuasive, interesting, entertaining, and informative; they are NOT hard sell.
  •  Advertorials tell a compelling story that easily blends with the sales message.
  •  Effective advertorials include quotes from people who’ve benefited from the product or service.
  •  Advertorials use a conversational style and everyday language, NOT slogans, taglines or clichés.

Gayle has been a promotional writer, editor, and proofreader since 1979. In the corporate world, she was a marketing/PR copywriter, speechwriter, and scriptwriter. In her own business since 1983, she’s written everything from brochures and websites to resumes and feature articles. Her advertorials have appeared in the Bucks County Women’s Journal since 2007, and she currently specializes in editing books, pharmaceutical materials, and nursing journals.  Gayle’s editorial website is

Navigating the Social Media Jungle

What site is best for your business?

  • Facebook - the biggest out there with the largest audience. Facebook as a site is a good place to start. When posting Kayla recommends visual content with big colors and images, news articles relevant to your industry and tidbits about your company.
  • Twitter - a “micro blog” where you post short messages at least once a day. Kayla recommends more frequent postings as the content is fast and ever-changing on the site and placement is important.
  • Instagram - a photo sharing site where you can establish your brand via visual content. The ability to “tag” photos by participants carries your brand into ever-widening circles of exposure.
  • LinkedIn - a business site which can help you to find clients. Through posts Kayla believes you make yourself a thought leader accruing followers and developing a presence as an expert.
  • Pinterest - like Instagram, is a visual site which allows you to link images and information from other sites and post content. The information “lives longer because you post on a board” giving your brand a more permanent presence.
  • Youtube - is a video site and basically “one of the biggest search engines. Kayla recommends posting video content or blog detailing your expertise in the brand that is your business.


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