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Coming in May - Linda Anderson

The Art of Prioritizing

Prioritizing isn’t about finding the perfect tool or strategy to help get your life in order; it’s about finding a good enough approach and then developing a habit.

Join us at the May meeting of the Women’s Business Forum, where Linda Anderson, a Master Certified Coach, will talk about the basics of prioritizing.  She will offer great tools for managing both the “big picture and the up close to do’s.”  She will also share some approaches to the art and practice of prioritizing, and developing the habit of prioritizing, given the way your brain works best.  At the end of the meeting you will:

1.   Understand prioritizing tools and apps used by professionals.

2.   Discover brain preferences for organizing and prioritizing.

3.   Understand the significance of choosing planning time.

4.  Use big picture goals to inspire the every day "to do" list.

    Linda Anderson began her coaching business in 1994. A leader in the field of ADHD coaching she coaches her clients, across the U.S. and abroad, by telephone and Skype and sees clients in her office in Doylestown. Linda presents at conferences and webinars that reach international audiences and speaks in business and corporate setting on organization, stress and diversity in the workplace.

Glenda Childs, Owner Doylestown Book Shop

Prepare, Empower and Grow Your Business

By Deb Oliver: On Wednesday, April 1,  the Women’s Business Forum was pleased to present Glenda Childs, owner of the Doylestown Book Shop, who spoke to the group on the topic, Prepare, Empower, Grow Your Business. With a lifetime working in education first as a teacher and preschool director for 20 years, then a literacy coach with the “No Child Left Behind” program at a university, an adjunct professor at a community college in early childhood education, and serving on the Head Start Board of Directors in Chicago, Glenda decided when her husband’s peripatetic job opportunities were over she would decide where they retired and what her next phase would be. To further that goal Glenda took business courses, creating a business plan for an education related business. Her interest was in owning a bookstore.

To flesh out this goal Glenda said, "I joined a women’s life coaching group where I was mentored." Here she learned confidence and making sure she had the skills to do what she wanted to accomplish. She also said visualization i.e "dreaming of her bookstore" helped to cement her vision. Through this learning/ dreaming stage she began to flesh out what the store, staff and customers would be like.

Glenda feels there are three keys to owning and running a successful community business: strategizing in preparation of opening; empowering employees and planning for outreach, networking and community involvement. To this end she did her due diligence. She searched out locations predicated on census figures and demographics from the Chamber of Commerce. She looked at other bookstores and found a commonality of factors that needed to be present for an independent bookstore to survive in a culture where reading was no longer a bricks and mortar business but tech based. Glenda chose Doylestown because it perfectly matched those factors: a main street; a nearby college; arts and cultural institutions in the area and a community that eagerly supported local stores while possessing demographics of appropriate age and high levels of income and education.

Glenda's business reflects her personality emitting a warm atmosphere which is entertaining, inspiring and comfortable. To this end Glenda says, " I hired a merchandiser" to create interesting displays in the store, whether books or products. In her mission statement Glenda says she wanted to take, " her love of reading and desire to support and connect to the community and couple it with a comfortable and welcoming space that would also support her family."

The challenges of buying an existing business (whether to retain staff, needed structural improvements, staff operating in a " crisis mode" and preexisting budget) were outweighed by the benefits: a great staff, good customer base and reputation, the potential to make a salary and, most importantly, a job she could work as long as she wanted.


Brought to us by the Doylestown Bookshop on May 1, New York Times bestselling author of The Happiness Project and Happier at Home, Gretchen Rubin, is coming to Doylestown!

In her newest book Better Than Before, she tackles the critical question: How do we change? Gretchen Rubin's answer: through "habits." Habits are the invisible architecture of everyday life. It takes work to make a habit, but once that habit is set, we can harness the energy of habits to build happier, stronger, more productive lives.

Gretchen will speak about her background and her new book followed by a Q&A session and personalized book signing.

Your ticket price includes a copy of her newest book Better Than Before. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Women's Business Forum.

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Welcome Our New President

Sheila Jacobs

Please join us in welcoming our new president, Sheila Jacobs. Sheila is a Bucks County Certified Financial Planner and Author. She attended Douglass College (Rutgers University) graduating with a degree in Economics.

A former vice-president of Women's Business Forum and Philadelphia's National Association of Women Business Owners, Sheila serves as board president of Educational Solutions Unlimited. She is also founder of the Women Business Forum Mentoring Program, and a board member at UrbanPromise.

Sheila is an avid tennis player, a runner, a wife and mother. She and her husband, Paul, a teacher and coach, live in Upper Makefield with their young sons.

You can contact Sheila at:

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