February Meeting - From Wonder Woman to Bionic Woman

Edie Weinstein - Opti-Mystical

Open Heart Healing in Celebration of Heart Month

According to the American Heart Association, “One in three women die of heart disease or stroke every year. Education and lifestyle changes, however, can prevent 80 percent of cardiac events.”  Edie Weinstein joined the ranks of the ‘heart sisterhood’ at age 55 when she experienced a heart attack on June 12, 2014.  Since then, major lifestyle changes that include diet and fitness, stress reduction, boundary setting and attitudinal shifts have become part of her ‘new normal.’ She has come to acknowledge workaholic tendencies and has dedicated her recovery to helping others recognize the warning signs and help prevent their own potential cardiac event.

  • Recognize your own lifestyle habits that may put you at risk
  • Understanding that a physical/medical condition has multi-faceted impact on your life
  • Know that comprehensive lifestyle makeover may help prevent a potential cardiac event


    Join us on February 3rd at 8AM at the James Lorah House.


    March Meeting - Your Voice, Your Vision

    Cheryl Rice - Your Voice Your Vision

    Quieting the Voice of Your Inner Critic

    Cheryl Rice, MS, PCC is a professional speaker and coach. Her company, Your Voice Your Vision partners with women striving to be leaders in their own lives. When Cheryl decided to take the advice she so passionately offers her clients, she emerged with a memoir, Where Have I Been All My Life? A Journey Toward Love and Wholeness. 

    In this interactive presentation you will:

    • Identify the voice of your Inner Critic.  
    • Discover the personal cost of the Inner Critic on outer success.  
    • Learn practical and powerful techniques to quiet the Inner Critic.


    Join us on March 2nd at 8AM at the James Lorah House.

    What's Hot?

    WBF is Partnering With Micro-lender Finanta

    President's Message

    It’s been an amazing 2015 for Women’s Business Forum (WBF) and the year’s not over yet.  Women’s Business Forum continues to offer educational and inspirational monthly programs. They’ve had record attendance at this year’s socials. There’s a new website on the way—and they’ve entered into a strategic partnership with the fifth largest micro lender in the country—Finanta. 

    The partnership with Finanta will allow WBF to expand on current programming. In addition to monthly programs, WBF will partner with non-profits and volunteers throughout the county to offer technical assistance. They will create affinity groups to offer emerging entrepreneurs support and accountability. And, for the first time, through their partnership with Finanta, Women’s Business Forum will also be able to offer business financing to women entrepreneurs—providing holistic support as its members evolve into successful business owners.

    Finanta is a non-profit 501(c)(3) community lender that promotes the growth and economic expansion of diverse communities through the infusion of capital and the provision of business consultation services. http://www.finanta.org/

    WBF President Sheila Jacobs said “We’re thrilled, this is an amazing opportunity. This partnership will change lives. By partnering with Finanta and other non-profits, we’ll support our members in a much more comprehensive way. Our mission is to educate, mentor and inspire women to build and sustain viable businesses. When you combine our mission with a comprehensive system of support and a lower barrier to entry for business financing amazing things will happen!”

    Bring your lunch and come meet our new partners on September 23 at 12 noon at Thompson Toyota to learn how an affinity program can help your business grow.  We look forward to seeing everyone there.