October Meeting - League of Women Voters

Judy Franklin LWV President - Why your Vote Matters

We've never known a time when women couldn't vote but, our grandmothers did. Voting is a great privilege and a great responsibility. We are proud to present Judy Franklin from the League of Women Voters as our October Speaker. Judy's talk will include:

  1. LWV Voter Services including: legistative guides, voters guide, voter registration and voter support
  2. LWV Voter Education Services including: "GOTV" campaign, candidate forums and public programs
  3. LWV Policy Advocacy
  4. A word about voter photo I.D.s

Judith Franlin is honored to serve as President of the League of Women Voters of Bucks County. She and her husband Joseph have lived in Bucks County since 2002, first in Springfield Township and currently in New Hope Borough. They are especially glad to be living near to their two children and seven grandchildren.

Judy is retired from a career in management and financial analysis, having worked primarily in the telecommunications industry. She received a Master of Accountancy degree from The George Washington University (2002) and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (1968) from Elmira College.

    Kellyanne Schaefer - Are You a Delegation Virgin?

    Why you need to learn to delegate

    By Deb Oliver: August's Speaker, Kelly Anne Schaefer, began her talk to the WBF on Wednesday with the admonition, "We all have to do things out of our comfort zone. What we want is always on the other side of the door of that comfort zone." She was referring to her fear of public speaking but as if to demonstrate that her aphorism was true, Kelly gave one of the most inspiring and helpful speeches on her topic of "Are you a Delegation Virgin?"

    Because women are hardwired to multitask Kelly says we just keep taking on responsibilities until "we crash and burn." In business this amounts to losing your passion and burning out unless you get help. Help in the form of delegating. She stated the four things we should delegate:

    Anything that isn't making money. As an example: If you have 20 hours free @ $10. an hour you only make $200. If you delegate and free up 10 more hours, you can make $300., a 50% increase in your business.

    What you don't know how to do or what you don't like to do. "Delegating is investing in me and my business" says Kelly.

    What you don't have time to do. By being determined to do it all you are actually holding up things getting done and therefore creating a bottleneck in your work flow.

    Stuff you don't want to do. Whether cleaning the house or designing a website, if you don't want to take on the task, don't. 

    Kelly equates our day to having one cup of energy. If you spend it on things you like whether working with a client, networking functions or fun things, you maximize that energy. If it is spent on things you need to do like clean toilets or things you hate, you zap the energy and are not productive. She says, 'Delegating fills other cups" increasing your energy quotient.

    KellyAnn is the owner of Task Complete a personal errand and concierge service.

    Workshop Wednesday 9/23

    Don't forget we have two great workshops scheduled on Wednesday, 9/23.  In the morning we will have a Facebook for Business Workshop hosted by Kayla Sheely and at 2:30PM Gita Faust will be hosting a workshop on Quickbooks for Business.

    At noon, we are proud to introduce Finanta, our new micro-loan partners. Bring your lunch and come see how Finanta and the WBF can take your business to a new level.

What's Hot?

WBF is Partnering With Micro-lender Finanta

President's Message

It’s been an amazing 2015 for Women’s Business Forum (WBF) and the year’s not over yet.  Women’s Business Forum continues to offer educational and inspirational monthly programs. They’ve had record attendance at this year’s socials. There’s a new website on the way—and they’ve entered into a strategic partnership with the fifth largest micro lender in the country—Finanta. 

The partnership with Finanta will allow WBF to expand on current programming. In addition to monthly programs, WBF will partner with non-profits and volunteers throughout the county to offer technical assistance. They will create affinity groups to offer emerging entrepreneurs support and accountability. And, for the first time, through their partnership with Finanta, Women’s Business Forum will also be able to offer business financing to women entrepreneurs—providing holistic support as its members evolve into successful business owners.

Finanta is a non-profit 501(c)(3) community lender that promotes the growth and economic expansion of diverse communities through the infusion of capital and the provision of business consultation services. http://www.finanta.org/

WBF President Sheila Jacobs said “We’re thrilled, this is an amazing opportunity. This partnership will change lives. By partnering with Finanta and other non-profits, we’ll support our members in a much more comprehensive way. Our mission is to educate, mentor and inspire women to build and sustain viable businesses. When you combine our mission with a comprehensive system of support and a lower barrier to entry for business financing amazing things will happen!”

Bring your lunch and come meet our new partners on September 23 at 12 noon at Thompson Toyota to learn how an affinity program can help your business grow.  We look forward to seeing everyone there.