November Meeting - Social Media and Your Website

Nickey Hollenbach, Personal Touch Concierge Service

Integrating social media with your website can be tricky. Your main goal is to get people back to your website where everything about you and your business is found, all in one place, without sounding "salesy." Nickey's talk will include:

1.  Social Media sites you should have a business presence on.

2.  The right tools to schedule your posts.

3.  A quick review of available social media and website analytics and how to use them.

4.  What should be on your website - what does it say about your business.

Join us on Wednesday, November 4 at 8AM at the James Lorah House to learn more on how to make your Social Media a great business tool.

Judy Franlin - League of Women Voters

Your Vote is your Voice

Judy Franlin, of the League of Women Voters, spoke to the WBF on Wednesday morning about "Your Vote is Your Voice". The League was established in 1920 at a convention of the National American Woman Suffrage Association just six months before the passage the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote after a 72 year struggle. The mission of the League is that every eligible citizen is registered, every eligible voter is informed and every informed voter goes to the polls. With an upcoming election in November, Judy's lecture was a timely addition to the WBF's monthly speakers.

The League, a non-partisan organization, does not endorse candidates but instead champions policies that particularly effect women. Judy feels that while the November election is not a presidential one, the offices up for re-election are more instrumental to our daily lives and thus more needing of our civic attention. This November the offices of Judiciary, County, School Directors and local government will all be in contention.

Judy mentioned when casting a ballot for Judges we should consider:

1.  The judges' legal experience

2.  His/her reputation for fairness and integrity

3.  His/her community service and public service

4.  His her involvement in ongoing educational and professional activities

The importance of the other offices was made more personal when Judy explained what they control both in budgets and in programs. Our County commissioners oversee a budget of $349 million and face critical issues regarding drugs, crime, emergency services and education.

School Directors in Central Bucks manage a $331.3 million budget which supports curriculum, teachers, lunch programs, charter schools, and pre-kindergarten among others.

Finally, Judy states "our local government might be the most personally involved" with our day to day existence. Handling permits, zoning, open space and playgrounds, snow removal, parking, development and code enforcement, these officials determine the quality of life we can expect in our community and for our families.

What's Hot?

WBF is Partnering With Micro-lender Finanta

President's Message

It’s been an amazing 2015 for Women’s Business Forum (WBF) and the year’s not over yet.  Women’s Business Forum continues to offer educational and inspirational monthly programs. They’ve had record attendance at this year’s socials. There’s a new website on the way—and they’ve entered into a strategic partnership with the fifth largest micro lender in the country—Finanta. 

The partnership with Finanta will allow WBF to expand on current programming. In addition to monthly programs, WBF will partner with non-profits and volunteers throughout the county to offer technical assistance. They will create affinity groups to offer emerging entrepreneurs support and accountability. And, for the first time, through their partnership with Finanta, Women’s Business Forum will also be able to offer business financing to women entrepreneurs—providing holistic support as its members evolve into successful business owners.

Finanta is a non-profit 501(c)(3) community lender that promotes the growth and economic expansion of diverse communities through the infusion of capital and the provision of business consultation services.

WBF President Sheila Jacobs said “We’re thrilled, this is an amazing opportunity. This partnership will change lives. By partnering with Finanta and other non-profits, we’ll support our members in a much more comprehensive way. Our mission is to educate, mentor and inspire women to build and sustain viable businesses. When you combine our mission with a comprehensive system of support and a lower barrier to entry for business financing amazing things will happen!”

Bring your lunch and come meet our new partners on September 23 at 12 noon at Thompson Toyota to learn how an affinity program can help your business grow.  We look forward to seeing everyone there.