February Meeting - Stop Communicating and Start Connecting

Kathy Marcino - kmmdisc.com

Imagine being able to communicate more effectively with your clients while increasing productivity. KMMDISC Consulting conducts behavioral assessments that are designed to help improve productivity and communication by teaching individuals to leverage their personality traits and achieve success in working with others. This workshop will focus on gaining a full understanding of the DISC Model which brings a unique set of communication tools and solutions to everyday business challenges, from hiring and training to selling and customer service.

To enhance communication is to understand all points of view. Everyone has a unique personality. DISC brings a unique set of communication tools and understanding to everyday business challenges, from hiring and training to selling and customer service. 

You will walk away from this workshop with:

  • Insights into your strengths, motivators and behaviors
  • Knowledge of how different personality styles influence perspectives
  • Identifying your leadership style
  • Recognizing blind spots and areas for development


Join us on February 1st at 8AM at the James Lorah House.



January Meeting - Stress Management in the Workplace

Pamela J. Ginsberg - pginsbergphd.com

Pamela J. Ginsberg, Ph.D. is a licensed Psychologist specializing in women’s health and wellness. She specializes in working with women with cancer at all stages, with a special interest in working with women with metastatic breast cancer. She also works with women with a variety of other health challenges, life balance, grief and bereavement, stress management, decision-making, parenting, and relationship issues. With over 23 years of experience, Dr. Ginsberg helps women take control of their lives by making clear decisions, making and implementing action plans, and taking responsibility for their life decisions.  We will:

  • Examine the nature of stress and the effects of stress in the workplace, as well as the most common work related stressors.
  • Address how stress in one person influences the stress levels of others at work.  
  • Work on direct stress management strategies and emotional regulation and how they can apply to work and personal lives, with many specific examples.  


Join us on January 4th at 8AM at the James Lorah House.




December Meeting - So Much to Do, So Little Time! Learn the Art of Implementation

Christine Rothdeutsch - YourVAfromPA.com

When PCs (personal computers) first became popular it was thought that everyone’s life would be better and there would be more time for leisure activities. To the contrary, many people are caught up with always being ON their computer.
This presentation will:

  • Help you to identify repetitive tasks  
  • Teach you 5 Tools to automate your work flow
  • Give you back time for the important things

Christine enjoys working with serious women entrepreneurs. Women who know that to achieve their 6 figure goals, they must allow someone else to do all the fun stuff in their business. Activities such as setup and scheduling of email campaigns, website updates, podcast editing and publishing, organize virtual and live events, and more.

Clients refer to Christine as more than their VA. With her natural ability to question everything and seek out answers, Christine keeps her clients on track to achieve their goals. 

Join us on December 7th at 8AM at the James Lorah House.



November Meeting - Your Fabulously Balanced Life: How to get from stressed out and stuck to getting things done in business and at home

Christine Morris, Business and Productivity Coach, fabulouslybalancedlife.com

Building a business is hard work, building a business while staying true to your own needs or that of your family can be even harder. Taken from her book of the same title, this workshop will help you: 

  • Identify your own vision for a Fabulously Balanced Life
  • Show you how to work through overwhelm and structure your daily activities
  • Help you define systems and habits to increase productivity and find more time for personal activities

Christine Morris, founder of FabulouslyBalancedLife.com, has worked her way through the online business world, supporting 6 and 7-figure business owners manage their teams and create strategies for growth. Throughout Christine’s career, she has proven her ability to overcome adversity and use it to create opportunities to help other entrepreneurs.

Christine is the author of Your Fabulously Balanced Life: How to get from stressed out and stuck to getting things done in business and at home. She is here today to share her passion for helping others create a life that is more in line with both their personal and business goals.

Join us on November 2nd at 8AM at the James Lorah House.


October Meeting - Self-Care Tips to Unlock Your Doors to Success

Kathy Stahl, Licensed Massage Therapist - massagethreesixty.com

For all those who feel stressed, tired and exhausted trying to create the business of their dreams, this creative topic will use the rooms of a house as an analogy of how to take care of yourself and thrive in your business. Don’t miss practical tips and techniques you can apply in life, health and business so that you are more creative, more productive and ultimately more successful.  

As a massage therapist specializing in oncology massage, Kathy Stahl works with patients to relax and restore their body’s wellbeing. She provides various modalities specific to each of her client’s needs. Her most common offerings include: oncology massage, foot reflexology, reiki, energy work and acupressure. 

As a deeply spiritual person focused on personal soul growth, Kathy offers similar experiences for individuals and various groups including: meditation, workshops, retreats, shamanic journeys, business consulting, mastermind groups, event planning and public speaking. 


Join us on October 5th at 8AM at the James Lorah House.



September Meeting - Leveraging Systems and Processes To Make More, Work Smarter, and Automate Your Business

Christine Gallagher, Relationship Marketing Mentor & Business Catalyst - shesgotclients.com

* The 3 key areas every business should be systematizing

* What you can "technologize" and put on autopilot to free up time and earn more by doing less

* The simple but crucial tool you need to make delegation and growing a team more effortless and fun

Speaker, trainer, bestselling author and award-winning business coach Christine Gallagher founded ShesGotClients.com in 2009, a company dedicated to teaching women around the globe how to find more meaning, fulfillment and purpose in their life through the power of entrepreneurship.

Christine believes that when entrepreneurs find the courage to share their gifts and their message in a much bigger way, they will not only attract raving fans, enroll more clients, and enjoy more income, they also become a force for positive change in the world.

After applying Christine’s proven marketing methods, which she teaches via her Impact Academy and live workshops, her students and attendees typically experience a significant increase in subscribers, clients, sales and lucrative joint venture opportunities. Most importantly, they find a renewed sense of purpose and passion, allowing them to step into their bigger vision, connect to their “why” in order to serve at the highest level, and make a lasting, true impact in the world through a business they love.

Join us on September 7th at 8AM at the James Lorah House. 



August Meeting - Not Just Another Social Media Presentation

Jennifer Gardella - jennifergardella.com

Tired of hearing how you "should" be using media and "why" you need it, but unsure of "how" to get it all done? 

Jennifer Gardella, PhD will give her best tips to inspire you to start to build your online presence including what to post and when to post.  Join us if you are looking for some inspiration and great tactical steps to move forward.  

Jennifer is Your Social Media expert who works with a select group of clients to grow their digital footprint.  She speciales in explaining SEO, blogging and social media platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram.  She makes sure her clients understand the higher level concepts and then is able to handle implementation for them.  

Join us on August 3rd at 8AM at the James Lorah House.


July Meeting - Who Wants to Get Away?

Myra Frick 

Myra Frick will present travel advice that will save you time and money.  Between business and pleasure, her travel has taken her to nearly 30 countries, both near and exotic.  She has visited many islands in the Caribbean, several countries in Europe, and Asia Pacific.  All of this experience has allowed Myra to hone her travel skills, testing various airfare websites, packing for overnight flights, selecting hotels and making the most of each destination.  She will share her favorite tips for travel planning and touring.  Join us for a fun subject in the middle of summer!

Myra Frick is a long time member and supporter of WBF. She has invested time and resources over the years to help support and mentor other women in business. We are thrilled to have her be our speaker in July where she will be offering great travel tips for personal and business travel.

Join us on July 6th at 8AM at the James Lorah House.

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President's Message  

Hello Women’s Business Forum Members & Friends,

This month has been very busy for your new board. We are working diligently to build a supportive board to bring you more of what you should expect from the Women’s Business Forum. The mission of the Forum is to educate, mentor, and inspire women to grow successful businesses. At the September meeting I had the privilege of sharing some of the programs the board of directors is looking to implement. Here are just a few highlights:

More networking – Members have expressed a desire for more opportunities to connect. Our Membership Committee, led by Membership Director, Brenda Bagonis-Cook, is working on monthly after hours events. Stay tuned for upcoming dates and locations.

More fun – More opportunities to connect and support the Forum. Our Fundraising Committee, led by Fundraising Director, Claire Kohler, is working on scheduling some fun activities designed to bring members and families together and to help support the Forum. This will tie in to the 15 Years of the Forum celebration.

Showcase opportunities – Up to 3 businesses each month will be featured at our meetings. This is a benefit for both members and non-members. For a small fee you have the opportunity to showcase your business with a table display and a 2 minute presentation. Members will be able to visit with you before and after the meeting to learn more. Forms will be available at the October meeting.

These are just a few of the things we are doing to bring more opportunity and create more community among our members. If you have ideas to share or would like to get involved in the exciting efforts to bring more to Forum members, please contact president@womensbusinessforum.org or call 215.801.6750. I am thrilled to be working with so many amazing ladies and am looking forward to growing together.

Wishing you much success,

Laura Templeton

CEO, 30 Second Success

President, Women’s Business Forum