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 FAQs about using this site

I'm having trouble accessing the site, logging in, posting info or editing my profile. I think I'm logged in, but am getting the error message. Where do I turn for help?
First, check these FAQs. If you don’t find your answer, contact webmaster@womensbusinessforum.org.

How do I change my e-mail address in my profile?
Because your e-mail address is part of your logon information, you will need to contact Membership membership@womensbusinessforum.org with your old and new e-mail address information. Membership will work with you to get your e-mail information updated.

How do I add or edit a calendar event?
You must be logged on and be a supporting member to add an event to the calendar. Go to the calendar page and click + to add an event. Select WBF event or Community event and add the event details. Select the date and use the slide bar to enter the start and end time. If your event details change or need correction, contact membership@womensbusinessforum.org  for assistance.

I don’t remember my password, what can I do?
Click on to password to get to the User Logon page. Click the link for I’ve lost my password. Enter your e-mail address and click the Send me the password reset link button. A reset link will be e-mailed provided an account exists for entered email address.

How do I post info?
You must be logged on and be a Supporting or Margaret Mead Member to post. Under Resources --> you can add a post under Jobs/Office space or under Member Library. You can also post under News --> Member or Community News. While postings are not moderated, all postings will be reviewed and inappropriate postings will be removed. If you see an inappropriate post, please e-mail membership@womensbusinessforum.org.

How do I change my profile?
You must be logged into the site. Click the <edit profile> link at the top of the page or go to the Join Us dropdown menu and select Member Profile. You will be taken to your profile where you can make changes. Click the Save Changes button when you are done editing.

I created my profile but there is no category that fits my business, how do I get a category added?
We have made every attempt to provide a list of broad categories to fit your needs. If you are unable to select a category, e-mail membership@womensbusinessforum.org with your request. It will be reviewed by the webmaster and you will be notified of their decision and recommendation.

I just upgraded from Free Member to Supporting Member using Paypal. Will I be automatically renewed? What can I do if I want to change my membership level or pay differently?
Paid memberships are automatically renewed via PayPal.  You will be reminded via email several times before your renewal date that this will occur. If you wish to upgrade your membership level, log into the site. Click the <edit profile> link at the top of the page or go to the Join Us dropdown menu and select Member Profile. You will be taken to your profile. You can select Margaret Mead member or you can opt out of auto-renewal. Please contact membership@womensbusinessforum.org for additional help.

I am a supporting member and my auto-renewal did not work. I have been downgraded to a free member. How do I renew?
Log into the site. Click the <edit profile> link at the top of the page or go to the Join Us dropdown menu and select Member Profile. You will be taken to your profile. At the bottom of the page, you will have the option to upgrade to Supporting Member or Margaret Mead and use your PayPal account or credit card.

I am a supporting member and have always paid by check. I hear that there is now a credit card option. How do I get to it?

Contact membership@womensbusinessforum.org. They will change you to a free member so you will be able to access your profile and go through the renewal process using your credit card and resume as a supporting member.

I am a supporting member and opted out of the auto renew. I still want to be a supporting member. What do I do?

Since you opted out, you need to be renewed manually. Contact membership@womensbusinessforum.org for help.

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 FAQs about the WBF

How can I stop receiving the WBF e-newsletter?
There is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each newsletter.  Simply click that link and you will automatically be unsubscribed.

I own a small home business and run a non-profit organization for women. Can I submit info about both entities?

Yes. If you are a supporting member, you can post information for both.

Why should I register on this site?
You register on the site by becoming a free member. By registering, you will receive the latest news from the Women’s Business Forum™, including many free, local resources to help you build your business. You will also have access to resources on this site from local business leaders so that you can build your business.

Now that I've registered, what's next?
You will automatically be sent an email with your login information. 

How can I tell what topics are coming up?
Check out our calendar.

I have a great idea for a program. Do you have any guidelines?
We are always looking for high-quality programs and appreciate the generosity of the business leaders who share their expertise and experience with us. If you have an idea for a program please contact programs via our contact form. If you would like to recommend a speaker, please suggest a speaker.

How did WBF™ start?
In 2002, Chanin Walsh Milnazik gathered a handful of friends and fellow business owners to talk about how they could build their businesses. She wanted to replicate a women’s networking organization she belonged to in Ohio. It offered an inspiring, safe and creative place to learn, network and collaborate without the pressure of referral quotas or competing with others in the same industry.  She also wanted it to be free so that anyone could participate. Fourteen individuals agreed to invest in the new organization as Founding Members, and WBF was born! After outgrowing several locations, WBF settled into its current meeting schedule and locations. Read more about our history in the Founder's Message and Our Story.

What do meetings cost?
Nothing! Our monthly programs and our Mastermind (brainstorming) sessions are ALWAYS free. Bring colleagues and friends. You can come to one or more of the Mastermind groups, although many people select one time and location and become a regular there. View our calendar to see upcoming events and locations.

What’s a Mastermind?
Mastermind meetings are informal gatherings where business owners come together to discuss challenges and offer solutions to help grow businesses. Bring your challenges and questions, and we'll brainstorm solutions in this open forum. In the true WBF spirit, we will come together to support each other in whatever way possible as we build our businesses. An experienced business owner will facilitate. View locations of our mastermind meetings.

Do you have to live in Bucks County?
No! Everyone is welcome.

Do you have to be female?
No! Everyone is welcome. In fact, men have always participated in the WBF and served in leadership roles. One is a Founding Member.

I want to do more. Can I get more involved?
Participate! We have many opportunities for our members to get involved. Many WBF committees are seeking volunteers. Learn more about volunteering your time or contact us for more information.

How can I be on the Board?
To be considered for the Board, you must be a Supporting or Margaret Mead member and have been active in the organization for at least six months.  To express your interest and qualifications, please  contact us.

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