Everyone deserves a cheerleader!

Womens Business Forums Founder Chanin Walsh's mother Karen had always taught her to be strong, to have confidence, to dream, to think beyond limits, to believe that anything is possible. But in 2008 when most of our country including Chanin were experiencing hard times… her mom also taught her the meaning of unconditional love and support when she offered to financially back Chanin allowing her to embark on her lifelong dream of starting her own small business. With the financial burden of start up costs eliminated, Chanin was able to launch her business and pay her mom back in under a year.

"So many women dream of what they 'could do, if only'…but when the big obstacles are taken away and all that is front of you is success or failure. Failure is just not on option." Chanin Walsh Milnazik

Chanin is now a successful entrepreneur who has mentored and inspired hundreds of other women to follow their dreams. When Karen passed in 2010, Chanin "paid it forward" donating the same start up costs to the Women's Business Forum in the same spirit of unconditional love & support. Now in 2014, that fund, now named "The Karen Walsh Fund" is growing thanks to the generous support of friends, family, and the community. With this FUND the Women's Business forum is embarking on formal plans to assure that other women who need the support to start a business or achieve a dream, will receive it.


We are very excited about the direction of this endeavor, we believe it can truly help enrich lives. Check back to this page in the coming months for updates on our progress. If you would like to help in any way, please contact president@womensbusinessforum.org